"A very informative, engaging and thought-provoking session which left positive lasting impressions on all staff who attended our team building session. Lydia's expertise in life coaching shone through and I would have no hesitation in arranging further sessions in the future.
Scott Laing, Centrica Upstream

"On a personal level, I describe Lydia as "a lovely, lovely woman". Professionally, our delegates leave Lydia's sessions, enlightened, enriched and empowered - I can't ask for more than that!"
Heather Harper, Administrator, CVS Training Initiative


Lydia has provided several Workshops at Westhill Buddies on Confidence Building, and Personal Development on Assertiveness, Anxiety Management and Stress Reduction. The participants who attended enjoyed Lydia’s presentations which resulted in requesting funding being gained for more sessions. To the end Lydia provided a six week course which was well planned and implemented effectively.  The atmosphere at the sessions was relaxed and informal, which benefited all who attended. This was due to Lydia’s understanding and her extremely well delivered approach.
Rhona Stewart  Westhill Buddies
(A peer support group for men and women affected by mental health issues)

"As part of Careers Scotland’s objective to develop young people’s readiness for the job market, we have for six years contracted with Lydia Stevenson of Playwork Potential+. She has supported our keyworking services by providing young people with personal counselling and helping them overcome complex developmental and emotional barriers. Lydia ’s holistic therapeutic approach can develop an individual’s insight and understanding of who they are and how to manage the aftermath of having been brought up in a dysfunctional family. Our advisers have seen young people become more mature, confident and socially responsive. Working alongside Lydia , we have been able to build on their development by working with them to set realistic goals and progress them along a meaningful career path."       Angela McSorley , Keyworker , Careers Scotland
“It was a refreshing to have some training which was focused on the individual and offered practical tips on how to deal with stress. The relaxed approach enabled everyone to feel at ease to discuss issues affecting them and the advice given was realistic and achievable”
Clare Trembleau, Training Co-ordinator, Inspire, Aberdeen
Lydia’s lifemanship, wealth of experience and empathic approach make her
an excellent course facilitator, who brings out the best in people.
As a participant on one of her courses I gained self insight, and the self-belief
and confidence to succeed in my new career path…….
the World truly can be your oyster!
Thelma McKay, ARU, University of Aberdeen.
I cannot speak highly enough of Lydia . With patience, kindness and sheer effort she helped me to identify and address the issues in my life and tackle them one by one. The process was very difficult and painful but I have emerged stronger, wiser and healthier and for that I have Lydia to thank”.
Mark Finch, (Coachee One-2-One Sessions)

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