I have worked as a counsellor. life-coach and training consultant for the past fifteen years and I know both from professional and personal experience we all need a little help sometimes.....

I have learned over the years you CAN be what YOU want to be, sometimes though we find that extremely hard to believe!.........Life throws up obstacles continuously but its up to us to develop the resilliance and stamina to keep bouncing back and rising to its challenges. Bliss Lifecoaching can offer you motivation, direction and support to do just that.....

The two formats I have developed to do this are:

One 2 One Sessions...."FAST TRACK TO HAPPINESS"
These personal sessions (approximately 1 hour) are for anyone who has decided that they want to
make changes in their lives for the better, face challenging decisions and achieve their identified goals.
I do this by providing you with encouragement and support in a confidential setting with a qualified Lifecoach.

or Group Work: "Flying Start" Programs:
These are Bespoke Courses and Workshops in Personal Development.
The training sessions are specifically written and developed by myself
and have been designed using the latest research and materials
to help the individual within the organisation develop a unique insight
into life's challenges e.g. Stress Management, Assertiveness,
Self Awareness etc

Why am I here?
I am here to listen...
Not to work miracles
I am here to help you discover what you are feeling...
Not to make things go away
I am here to help you identify your options...
Not to decide what you should do
I am here to discuss steps with you...
Not to take the steps for you
I am here to help you discover your own strength...
Not to rescue you and leave you still vulnerable
I am here to help you discover that you can help yourself...
Not to take responsibility for you
I am here to help you choose...
Not to make it unnecessary for you to make difficult choices

I am here to provide support for your change!

about Bliss Lifecoaching in Aberdeen
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